Silent Play
With Richard Kimberley
16th February 2019


No words,
Just play.
“You learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a life time of talking”
A silent exploration into communication and clown through physical play and exercises.
In silence we have to look. We have to have eye contact. We see. We see more. We see all your beautiful characters, ways and failures. We see humans, not knowing. And we celebrate them! We laugh and we connect. In a space of presents and play.

Richard will facilitate a fun safe space highlighting beautiful moments and improvising and enjoying the way himself.
From entering the room until the end. We will stay in silence. We can laugh and make noise but not talk. We will have a tea break in silence. By the end we will not have shared our names and yet we will have shared so much with each other. Mm I love this work.


A mix of physical games, trust, awareness exercises and team challenges. 

click here for more - About the Trainer


Technical info


The work shop is from 10:00 until 14:00. With a little silent tea break. 

It will be held in Silence
(if you haven't got that yet) 

@ The new fabulous Remise, Lennèstr. 74/75, 14471 Potsdam

There is 14 places available on the workshop.

Please bring cloths comfortable to move in. 

Prepare to work bare foot or with specific indoor shoes/socks.​

Application & Payment 

The workshop fee is 35 Euros

Please email Richard here

Where you will receive information on how to apply.
It a first come first serve basis so apply fast. 

Cancellation Policy 

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