Silent Play
With Richard Kimberley
12 September 2020



No words,
Just play.
“You learn more about someone in an hour of play than in a life time of talking”

A silent exploration into clown, ourselves and communication through physical play and exercises with Richard Kimberley.

In silence we have to look. We have to make eye contact. We see. We see more than when talking. We see all your beautiful characters, ways and failures. We see humans, not knowing and we celebrate them. We laugh and we connect.

From entering the room until the end. We will be in language silence. We will even have our breaks in silence. By the end we will not have shared our names and yet we will have shared so much with each other.

In this unusual nonverbal space of presents and play. Richard will facilitate a mix of physical games, trust and exercises designed to train our awareness muscles. Moving into stage work and playing with an audience along with what ever else happens.

As well as being an amazing training for performers it’s a wonderful experience for anyone interested in learning about themselves and others. It’s profound and fun, about communication, about being seen and seeing, about clown, about space, it’s about humans.

Technical info

It will be held the The Remise in Potsdam.

Exact location is here

Open to everyone over 16.

From - 10:00 till 17:00 with breaks

Price - sliding scale 40 - 70 Euros

Prices have a sliding scale for you to decide how much you would like to give. Less if you have less and more if you have a lot and would like to support those who don’t have much. 

First come first serve.

Please write Richard for more info and booking.

click here for more - About the Trainer


Please email Richard here

Cancellation Policy 

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