10 day Mask workshop
On Gut Alaune
28 July - 6th Aug 2021
With Richard Kimberley

Thats right! 10 days

Well here is quite the opportunity.

With support from our good friends at Gut Alaune I will run a 10 day Mask workshop.

What does that actually mean I hear you ask?


Here is all the info and how to apply?


28th July starting at 11am  - 6th August 2021 finishing in the evening. You can arrive the evening before if your traveling form far and leave on the 7th.

This is a full expressive mask theatre workshop.
We will build masks and learn the art of playing them.

“Our work is to convince the audience we are not wearing Papier-mâché on our face”

We will learn techniques of building and playing the mask to bring incredible worlds into the spectators imaginations. These tragic/comic masks built with techniques and process I learnt from mask meistro Matteo Destro, have an incredible power and magic for story telling. For opening up another space and another way.
The work is rooted in Jaque Lecoqs physical theatre technique.

We will get our hands messy in the clay.
We will hit the clay with hammers.. a lot!
You will ask me ‘if it’s finished?” and I will say ‘hit it with the hammer some more’.
We will move and learn about how our bodies can move.
And ask how we can transform ourselves into something else.
Learn about the Mask Journey of expression.
We will learn about stage play and improvise on stage
We will finish our own full mask and birth what arises from the clay.
We will create little scenes together.
And make a small presentation of what we found on the last day.
It will be intense, relaxed and beautiful work.
Maybe we will have a day off in-between! :P

The workshop will be held in English. With German floating around us.











Here on Gut Alaune

Close to Halle Saale Germany



Because it’s a beautiful thing. 


10 participants chosen from an application list. Application deadline is 30th June. 

What you would need to bring.

Please bring black clothes comfortable to move in. For our work we need some neutral clothing. So no bright colours of big designs.
As well as an apron or shirt or whatever you are happy getting messy with the mask making.

Sleeping equipment
Tent / Matt / Sleeping bag

Water bottle



Gut Alaune

Is a 5 year old living community and project space. With around 8 people and 2 children living there.
We are in restoration of the land and buildings. find out more here www.gutalaune.de 
We have compost toilets and an outdoor shower which is possible to warm up but normally with the summer heat a cold outdoor shower is the best!

It can be very hot here! But we can always jump in the river or under a cold shower. Bring appropriate clothes and hats.
It can also be cold. But we can always put on a jumper!
Basically we are exposed to the elements here please bring appropriate clothing


You will be camping. And need to bring equipment with you. If there are some special needs we do have some indoor space. Just open the question with me. 


We will have a cook! Thats right. We wont need to think of food. So we can spend more time with our masks and bodies. It will be tasty vegetarian food. Let me know any dietary requirements.


With the support of Gut Alaune we have received some funding to help support this cultural event.
This means we only ask for a cover cost of 150 Euros which covers basically a participation fee and food for ten days on Gut Alaune in addition we will ask for a donation towards the project here. This is to help support the growth and building up of this space to help host more events like this.


About me / Richard

Here is all about me. 






As we are aware there is something going around in these times.

Unless the rules change in-between we require everyone to arrive with a recent negative corona test.

Otherwise we will take care for the requirements and need of the time and our group.


If that all sounds exactly what you are up for!

Please and email me (richard@fromtheplayns.com) with the answers to the following. 
I will let you know by the end of June if your application is successful. 

Please let me know any questions. 

Full Name?


Age & Where are you from?


Full Address.




How did you find out about the workshop? 



Tell us something about the human that is you?



Please tell me a little of why you want to join the workshop? What calls you to it? 



What experience do you have in theatre / stage arts / movement?


Anything else?


Did you read and agree with the Terms and Conditions below?



Cancellation & Refund Policy: 

Cancellation requests must be made in writing and received by email.

If you cancel more than 10 days before the date of the workshop, your workshop payment is fully refundable. If you cancel less than 10 days before the workshop date, your payment, is refundable only when a substitute participant can be provided.

To preserve this period the punctual receipt of the notice of cancellation by e-mail (richard@fromtheplayns.com) is sufficient. In the event that the workshop has been cancelled, the amount paid will be refunded within 7 working days. Further claims cannot be asserted. 


Participants assume full and sole responsibility for the risk of injury or other consequences from attending workshops and also agree that the organisers accept no liability for loss or damage to their personal property or for injury to participants on or outside the workshop premises.

On the path of physical expression and mask work, Richard will be your playful friend and your wise, insightful teacher.
Always nuanced, curious, transparent and hilarious, he takes you through the most fundamental elements of physical theatre in a way that lands in your body, and gives you real, actual tools for performance and play.
If you don't know about mask work, go and do it. I have never been so surprised and engaged by theatre work before. The different stages of the mask take you to an understanding of theatre that you wouldn't obtain as viscerally in any other way.



Richard creates a great space for learning where everyone can discover his own playfulness and discover the magic world of masks. His humorous and clear style of teaching make the workshop a very light experience with a lot of aha-moments.

In the workshop we got the full package of mask-making and playing with all sorts of masks from neutral mask over larval and half masks to full masks. Each participant was guided trough the mask-making of a full expressive mask, which was then discovered with the whole group and presented in a final showing